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Chargers reassign George Stewart, promote Keith Burns to ST coordinator

Stewart is being reassigned to an offensive analyst position.

On Wednesday morning, it was reported by NFL insider Michael Silver that the Chargers are reassigning special teams coordinator George Stewart to a new role for the remainder of the 2020 season.

Per Silver, Stewart will be an “senior offensive analyst” going forward and assistant special teams coordinator Keith Burns will take over Stewart’s former role. He also mentions that Lynn, Chris Caminiti, and other coaches will also have their hands on special teams, as well.

The Chargers’ special teams units have been one of, if not, the worst group in the entire NFL in 2020. They’ve allowed two blocked punts in their last two games, both of which led to touchdowns for the opponent. Aside from the blocks, the Chargers have also struggled to cover and limit returners. In many of the team’s close games this year, the Bolts have allowed opponents to start their drives closer to midfield more often than their own 25.

This was truly a tough decision for Lynn even though it was needed. Stewart has been a mentor to Lynn for years and years, but the head coach did what was best for the team, albeit maybe a bit late.