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Day after open thread: Eyes on the 2021 draft

Top-10 pick, here we come.

Los Angeles Chargers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

If the loss to the Broncos didn’t kill the season, then it was the loss to the Raiders that finally did it in.

But heck, if it wasn’t the Raiders loss for you, then it sure as hell was Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins.

Before Week 8, I would have put money down that the Chargers would go 3-2 in the coming five-game stretch against two divisional opponent’s and three games against the AFC East. But reality kicked in, and the Chargers are 0-3 with two games left in that initial span of five games.

The 0-9 Jets are up this week with the 7-3 Dolphins on tap for the following Sunday. With all things considered, this team could go 1-1 or 0-2 to finish the month of November.

At this point, talking about the final record and what this team could be at the end of the season is all null and void now. The only thing the Chargers can fight for in their final seven games are 1.) Pride or 2.) A worse draft pick.

Which one do you all want?

Feel free to use the comments below to vent off some lingering steam or just use it as a place to organize your own thoughts. Have the best Monday that you possibly can!