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Day after open thread Week 4: One-score game, lather, rinse, repeat

Deja vu, deja vu, and a little deja vu.

Los Angeles Chargers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

I’m going to start throwing these up after game days to give you all an extra place to discuss the most-recent contest. Use it as a safe place to vent — within reason — and cast out all the demons you may be holding in, especially right now with the team riding a three-game losing streak.

While I didn’t expect the Bolts to be that competitive through the first five games, I didn’t expect them to lose to the Panthers, nor take the Chiefs and the Bucs to the brink in each of those games. Does that make it worse than if they were to have just gotten handled? I’m not so sure. Like, this hurts, but there’s a decent amount of refreshing positives that stemmed from the past few games. They most surround Justin Herbert, but look at the trio of former UDFAs that were responsible for all three of Herbert’s scores on Sunday? Tyron “T-Billy” Johnson and Donald Parham both scored on their first career NFL receptions and Jalen Guyton went 72 yards for a score that looked a lot like what Tyrell Williams used to do for this offense.

Those are the things I’m going to keep my attention on for this week, but I’d be wrong to say that the lack of a defensive effort doesn’t sting. Yes, the pick six was awesome, but no sacks and allowing Tom Brady to throw for a season high in yardage and five touchdowns was gross. Worse defenses held TB to less yards and touchdowns earlier this year. It just can’t happen, even with the injuries.

I’ll save my thoughts for my posts throughout the week, but just wanted to get some of that off my chest.

Have a great Monday, everyone.