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NFLPA still considering options following investigation of Tyrod Taylor’s injury

Everything is still up in the air for Taylor and the union.

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

It’s been over a month since that fateful Sunday in SoFi Stadium where Tyrod Taylor inexplicably was sidelined with “chest pains” prior to the start of their Week 2 matchup with the Chiefs, leading to Justin Herbert’s first career NFL start.

Now, weeks later, Herbert has been named the Chargers’ starting quarterback going forward and Taylor is just now getting back into the swing of practicing, but this time as the backup.

According to union reps of the NFLPA, their investigation into the matter of medical malpractice has “essentially wrapped up” with the results unsurprisingly showing that there was a medical error that took place.

“They punctured his lung before the game,” said a source with the NFLPA. “That isn’t even in question. The team isn’t disputing it. And it cost him his starting job. Those are the facts and they speak for themselves. They gave him a shot with his pads on 20 minutes before kickoff.”

The Players Association is still in contact with Taylor, but it’s not certain whether or not they plan to take further steps against the team in the form of a grievance. If Taylor chooses not to proceed any further, the union could still act without him and pursue it on their own. As of right now, the NFLPA has within 60 days of the incident to inform the Chargers if they’ll be taking additional action.

Taylor is a free agent following the 2020 season and effectively lost his starting job due to the incident. Barring an injury to Herbert, Taylor will likely have no shot at re-gaining his starting job with the Chargers and he may look for an opportunity elsewhere. However, there may not be a market for the veteran who would be on his fourth team in five seasons. That may lead Taylor back to the Chargers in an effort to maintain stability and familiarity as he rides out the back end of his career.