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Uchenna Nwosu down on the field in 4th quarter

Oh no again.

NFL: SEP 13 Chargers at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Outside linebacker Uchenna Nwosu is down on the field following a run for a first down by the Saints early in the fourth quarter. He wasn’t moving around all that much but he ended up getting up and walking off the field under his own power.

Wide receiver Keenan Allen was not seen on the field during the first few plays of the Chargers drive to begin the second quarter. It was later reported by the team that he is questionable to return after sustaining a back injury.

We aren’t sure when it occurred but will keep this post updated when we learn more information.

UPDATE: Keenan Allen is officially downgraded to OUT for the rest of the game.