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The Lightning Round Podcast #205: It’s been a hell of a ride! Thank you!

This is the end my friends.

We’ve spent the last six seasons and 205 episodes living our dream by talking Chargers with thousands of fans every week. During that time, Garrett and Jamie have shared a wide range of emotions with everyone including joy, elation, shock, frustration, disappointment, rage, and love. Now, it’s time to share one last powerful emotion with all of you – sadness.

We have decided this week’s show will be our last. While this wasn’t an easy decision for either one of us, the time is right.

While we’re each moving on to fun, happy and important things in the immediate future, this was a tough choice to make. We have loved every second we’ve spent interacting with each and every one of you over the last six seasons and we’ll miss you.

TLR started as a passion project for two guys with no reputation, no platform, and no listeners/followers. We had no reason to believe we’d reach 50 episodes, let alone 205, and none of it would have been possible without what we now refer to as our extended TLR family.

Thanks to you, we were able to live out our sports writing and broadcasting dreams. We love and appreciate all of you, and want to thank you for giving us a platform and bringing us into your homes, cars, and workplaces each and every week for the last six seasons. We are truly humbled by all of it.

We can only think of one way to wrap this up, and that’s by ending this message the same way we’ve ended every show since episode #1, which is by saying, “We will see you next time. Thanks everybody.”

Garrett & Jamie

The Lightning Round Podcast