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Herbert to the Chargers in CBS’ latest mock draft

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

The hits just keep on coming.

Justin Herbert was once again mocked to the Los Angeles Chargers with the sixth-overall pick in CBS Sports recent mock draft by their own Ryan Wilson.

Here is what Wilson had to say about the pick:

“We asked Herbert at the Senior Bowl what NFL teams wanted to see from him during the week. He didn’t say, ‘Be more consistent in my reads,’ or, ‘Make better decisions with the ball.’ He said, ‘Leadership.’ That’s been the knock on Herbert during much of his college career, and after a strong showing in Mobile, if he can prove he has what it takes to command the huddle, he’ll not only be a first-round pick, he’ll likely find himself among the top 10 players taken. And with the Chargers and Philip Rivers parting ways, L.A. has a sudden need for a young quarterback.”

At this rate, Chargers fans may get tired of this pairing real quick with the amount of analysts marrying the two together. However, there are just too many positives that Herbert possesses that would pair so well with the Bolts.

The fact that he is a west coast boy who played collegiately up north at the University of Oregon means that he will already have a bunch of fans and general support tagging along with him wherever he goes. If he ends up in LA, that will allow the Chargers to capitalize on the mass addition of those fans while opening up SoFi Stadium for the 2020 season.