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Report: Chargers give contract extension to C Mike Pouncey

I’d try and hold onto my best lineman for longer too

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Telesco and the Los Angeles Chargers front office may have told Melvin Gordon his contract talks are off, but that doesn’t stop them from working on contracts with other players.

Official terms haven’t been released yet so it’s unclear if this extension will include any re-working of this year’s money. He is due $6M in base this year which they could drop a little if they convert some to a bonus and spread it over this year and next year. The team is currently just south of $4M in cap space according to They’d only really need to create more space if they are bringing in someone via a free agent signing or a trade, or the less likely scenario that they need the money for Melvin Gordon (less likely because it sounds like the team’s original $10Mish per year offer has come off the table and they said they are done negotiating).

Cap shuffling aside, this is a smart move for the team. Pouncey is the best offensive lineman on the roster. Keeping him for 2020 does a few things: It allows for the team to roll out Dan Feeney - Pouncey - Forrest Lamp on the interior next year which will be good for continuity, but also allow the Chargers to focus on drafting OTs early, rather than needing another OG/C as well. Especially since Michael Schofield is in the last year of his contract and won’t be back next year since there’s a real possibility he won’t even keep his starting job over Lamp for this whole season. Plus, whether Philip Rivers signs an extension, or they have a new starter in 2020, a Center of Pouncey’s caliber is extremely valuable.