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Los Angeles Chargers at Miami Dolphins open thread

Orange County Register Archive Photo by Kevin Sullivan/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Chargers are reeling after dropping two straight winnable games to fall to 1-2, but today they get the ultimate get right game against the undeniable worst team in the National Football League, the Miami Dolphins. Miami isn’t just mailing it in this season. They are actively trying to lose every game to a degree that would make the Cleveland Browns blush. We are talking about not just the worst team in the league this season, but arguably the worst team we have had the opportunity to see in years. Say what you will about the Chargers, but they are still in the top half of the league, and there is no reason they should not go into Miami and win easily.

Philip Rivers and the offense even without all of the players they will be missing (and they are missing a lot of players) should be able to move the ball essentially at will against Miami’s defense, and their defense is the best part of their team.