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Chargers vs. Texans: Staff Picks

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hey team, who d o you like in today’s game?

Jamie Sewell: 24-21 Texans. The Texans are a good team, and have the big play ability to hurt a depleted Chargers secondary. Casey Hayward will have his hands full with DeAndre Hopkins, while Will Fuller, Kenny Stills, and Keke Coutee get a favorable matchup against a secondary including Brandon Facyson and Roderic Teamer as starters. I don’t expect the Chargers to provide Rivers with much protection, but the same should be true for DeShaun Watson, and the Chargers pass rush could have a big day. Overall, though, I’m going for a 3 point Chargers loss - possibly through a Ty Long missed FG.

Glenn Ferguson: 27-17 Texans win. I could just as easily see this being 27-17 Chargers, but I have a feeling that whichever team can take an early lead will be able to hold on to it. And right now I think that the Texans will be more likely to do it

Ruben J. Gonzalez: I;ve got the Chargers pulling this game in a shoot out. It will not surprise me if this game goes back and forth or one team jumps out to a nice lead only for the other to come back and make it close. In the end Joey Bosa has himself a ‘3 sack day’ while a rookie not named Rodric makes his mark, because It Was Written. Chargers 28 Texans 27.

Michael Peterson: I’ve got the Chargers dropping this 30-21. Ty Long misses at least one kick. The Chargers manage only 2 or less sacks and give Deshaun Watson one of his better rushing days. Will Fuller and Kenny Stills each score. Hyde also scores for the first time this year. Rivers throws 2 picks. Ekeler does everything he can but can’t will this team to victory. Teamer looks good but we will still yearn for Nasir Adderley. I continue to cry about Lamp.

Matthew Stanley: The Chargers are going to lose 27-14. The offense is going to have a lot of trouble keeping Rivers clean, but he’ll find Keenan Allen and Mike Williams for scores, both at the expense of Jahleel Addae. The bolts defense is going to force good pressure on Watson but the severe lack of speed in the middle with the “rusty” Denzel Perryman stealing snaps Kyzir white has earned, and Perryman’s actual father Thomas Davis are going to let watson escape a lot and find their speedy receivers over the middle. There’s a slight chance the Chargers find a way to win, but at this point they basically keep trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, and well, that’s insane

Jason Michaels: Chargers 21 to Texans 8. Defensive slug match with the Chargers having two interceptions to the Texans none. That said, sacks on both sides and lots of drops.

Lou Gorini: I have the Texans beating the Chargers 27- 17. The Chargers defense wasnt able to generate a pass rush against a beleaguered Lions offensive line. And call me crazy, I find it hard to believe they will get to the mobile Deshaun Watson. Factor in a banged up secondary and the vertical threats of Stills and Fuller, I feel like Houston will have some big chunk plays on their way to a 27 point day. Did L.A’s offensive line play better next week or was it the fact the Lions have a horrid pass rush themselves? Rivers won’t be so lucky this week as he will have to face the best Watt brother.

Garrett Sisti: The Chargers will win 17-27. Hopkins is going to get his and for most of the game he’ll see Casey Hayward which will help the Chargers defense. I think Watson’s legs will keep the Texans in the game by extending drives but the Chargers will pull away late. I know this may be controversial, a lot of people are going to disagree with me here and I’ll probably never hear the end of it but Jahleel Addae isn’t very good. Mike Williams will play a lot more snaps with his improved health and it will help the offense be more balanced on Sunday against a defense that isn’t what it used to be plus, ya know Addae.

Nate Lewkowitz: 34-31 Chargers. The bolts find a way to pull one out in a shootout where not only do we have to worry about defending the planet’s best receiver against a depleted secondary, but Fuller is one of the best WR2’s in the league and he’ll be facing the Chargers 5th best cornerback most of the day. Lucky for the Chargers, the secondary for Houston offers plenty of mismatches for Philip Rivers and co. The most worrisome matchups for the chargers offense is clearly keeping Rivers upright, but the Texans don’t seem to offer a clear solution for defending Allen or Ekeler. The short passing game should be next to automatic which would all but eliminate the Texans hope of keeping the Chargers in 2nd or 3rd and long situations.

Richard Wade: The more I go back and look at each of these teams, the more convinced I am that the Chargers should not have a problem holding serve at home today. They are the better team. They have the better coach. I like the Chargers in this one 28-17.