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Los Angeles Chargers at Detroit Lions open thread

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions will play host to the Los Angeles Chargers this morning and while both teams currently sit undefeated after week 1 games that went into overtime, their situations are remarkably different. The Chargers, who were down to 2 active cornerbacks by the end of the game, held off a tough Indianapolis Colts team en route to their week 1 victory. The Lions, on the other hand, blew an 18-point lead against a mediocre Arizona Cardinals team led by a rookie quarterback and a rookie head coach on their way to a tie game.

Today, the Lions are underdogs at home because the visitors are better at most positions up and down the roster including the most important one, quarterback. Philip Rivers also has the benefit of a coaching staff that does not employ Darrell Bevell and Matt Patricia. And with the news this morning that Taylor Decker is out, the Lions and Chargers are about equally bad upfront on offense, but the Lions don’t have a Melvin Ingram or a Joey Bosa on defense to take advantage.