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2019 Preseason Week 1: Who are we excited to watch on Offense?

Who is the staff excited to see when the Chargers have the ball?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the first preseason game of the 2019 NFL Season 2 days away, we are starting to get pretty excited over here at BFTB. So we all thought we’d share our thoughts on who we are most excited to see when the Los Angeles Chargers have the ball on Thursday Night against the Arizona Cardinals.

Garrett Sisti: “Excited” might not be the word but offensively I’m going to be focused on the Tackles. Sam Tevi and Trent Scott are gonna be asked to protect Philip Rivers for the foreseeable future and while preseason might not count, it will be their first test as starters. Actually Forrest Lamp might be the guy I’m “excited” about.

Jason Michaels: I am excited to see how the running backs perform, as there’s definitely going to be a lot of focus on that for the early games this year. Both sportswriters and fans alike are eager to see if there’s promise or if there’s dread. As for defense, I think everyone’s excited to hopefully see Lamp break out, wait that’s still offense? who cares #IloveLamp

Ruben Gonzalez: I’m always excited to get my first look at the WR position. Granted, nobody new was added this year to make me curious about anyone, but with nobody to challenge him at the WR2 spot, I think we are finally going to see the true potential of Mike Williams. It’s year 3 for Williams and if Rivers can have some decent time in the pocket, it’s going to be a helluva year.

Matthew Stanley: On offense there are a few positions to be interested in, RB, OT, WR. But I’m honestly ready for some Cleo Lemon flashbacks as the Chargers actually have a couple of QBs in Tyrod Taylor and Easton Stick that should be fun to watch during the preseason. It will be a nice change of pace to see some sustained drives on offense with 17 on the sideline after the last 10 years of meh backups going 3 and out basically every drive. Which hopefully proves beneficial to the other players on offense battling for a spot.

Mike Murray: I know this is not answering the question but... On offense I am excited to see how much Justin Jackson has grown and if he is ready to carry the bulk of the load, I want to see how good Artavis Scott is looking as he is likely to slide into that 4 receiver slot and who doesn’t want to see a little Easton Stick.

Nate Lewkowitz: Offense: The obvious position group to keep an eye on is tackle. As far as excitement goes, Lamp will be fun to watch and so will the running backs but those are both sorted out for the most part. Wide Receiver is going to be interesting to see if guys like Geremy Davis or Artavis Scott can build on strong preseasons to either steal or share time with Benjamin as the WR3.

Jamie Hoyle: I’m not sure “excited” is the right word, but I’ll enter Thursday’s game against the Cardinals with a morbid curiosity about the offensive line. I’m definitely excited to see the first official installment of Lamp v Feeney at LG. Ill also be watching Sam Tevi and Trent Scott at the tackle positions with a fair amount of morbid curiosity to see how they handle themselves. Same thing with Trey Pipkins. I really want to see how those three look in live game action.

Richard Wade: Offensively, I’m really looking forward to watching the quarterbacks. Tyrod Taylor and Easton Stick are both really intriguing for different reasons. Taylor is the first quality backup we have seen in lightning bolts since Billy Volek and I’m excited to see the backup skill position players have an actual professional throwing to them in preseason. And Stick is just a really fascinating player that I have no real concept of what he will look like facing NFL defenses.

Michael Peterson: I am stoked to watch the back-up quarterbacks. They’re far and away the best and most entertaining depth players the Chargers’ have had in some time. Also pumped to see Detrez Newsome get the bulk of the carries this preseason once again.