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Melvin Gordon is holding out, will demand a trade

NFL: New Orleans Saints at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Chargers star running back Melvin Gordon has taken contract negotiations to another level today. Adam Schefter reports via Twitter that the former Wisconsin Badger is holding out in an attempt to get a new contract and that he is prepared to demand a trade if he does not get one.

Gordon, as anyone who watched the 2018 Chargers knows, was the engine that made the offense run for much of the season. He is also a 26-year-old running back with over 1,000 career touches to his name, and let’s not forget the microfracture surgery he underwent.

Running backs in the NFL have a shorter shelf life than most other players and this is especially true for the bell cow backs like Gordon. He has to recognize that his next contract is likely his last chance to make big money, and that an injury this season during his walk year could crush his future earnings.

The Chargers meanwhile have to realize that there are few positions as easily replaceable as running back and that signing one with an injury history and a lot of mileage on him through his age-30 season is less than ideal. They had to be considering letting him play out his contract and then letting him walk. That possibility now appears to be off the table.

For now, we wait to see how the front office responds.