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Stadium Talk: Does SoFi Stadium look like the Rams logo?

Hopefully it’s just a crazy, random happenstance

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Last week we found out that the home of the Rams and the Chargers in Inglewood is going to be named after the company Social Financial, or SoFi. The working name right now is SoFi stadium, but it could of course be SoFi Field or Social Fi Stadium, or really anything else that the student loan company determines.

On Friday, word leaked that the naming agreement isn’t really finalized. That said, it’s still more than likely that SoFi will adorn the stadium as soon as the bean counters file the proper paperwork.

Over on Instagram, the LA Rams announced that the stadium was 70% finished—an important milestone!

Before long, folks began to notice that the stadium had a familiar feel. Where had they seen that shape before?


Of course, this is also a shape that is found in many team logos, including the Patriots, Eagles, and more. With many of the cosmetic touches not yet begun, you have to wonder if the builders had intended this in the design. Regardless- the idea is now out there, and they might just run with it!

SoFi Stadium is beginning to look like a shape we might recognize

What do you think? Is this just an example of fans seeing what they want to see?

If the stadium does indeed reflect the shape, color, and/or elements of the Rams in a significant way, what impact do you think this will have on the Chargers and their games?

In any event, in just over a year we will surely find out!

-Jason “Ram My Eyes With a Fork” Michaels