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Poll results: Chiefs are heavy favorites to win AFC West

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The most recent SB Nation FanPulse poll results are back and the Kansas City Chiefs are just about everybody’s choice to win the AFC West title in 2019 taking down 78% of the vote. The Los Angeles Chargers sit 67% behind them in second with 11% (more than the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders combined).

The same question (who will win your favorite team’s division?) was asked across the broader SB Nation network of NFL football blogs and the AFC West results were the most lopsided out of the bunch (okay, not by a lot, but most is still the most).

The other division results all had pretty clear favorites, but not on this level:

AFC East: Patriots 77%

AFC North: Browns 53%

AFC South: Colts 58%

NFC East: Eagles 64%

NFC North: Bears 66%

NFC South: Saints 71%

NFC West: Rams 75%

When your division rival is a bigger favorite to win your division than the Patriots are to win theirs, that’s a pretty significant lack of respect.