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PODCAST: The BFTB staff go live for Day 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft

Vanderbilt v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On Thursday night, Garrett Sisti, Daniel Stebbins, Matthew Stanley, and I went live while streaming the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft to give you all a different, possibly more casual (and fun!) option to follow along with apart from the usual ESPN or NFL Network commentary.

It was an interesting night, to say the least. There was a plethora of head-scratching picks (looking at you Dave Gettleman) and almost as many A+ selections with a handful of top prospects falling all throughout the evening.

This was the longest amount of time that Chargers fans have had to wait for their first round pick in quite some time but that’s the trade-off when your team makes the playoffs and doesn’t lose in the opening round.

Throughout the stream, we all became more and more enthralled with the possibility that top offensive tackles such as Cody Ford or Jawaan Taylor could fall all the way to #28 a la Derwin James last year. Both those players were available when the Bolts were finally on the clock and, to our great surprise, neither were the pick.

Notre Dame defensive tackle Jerry Tillery was inevitably the pick and after some initial reactions of deflation, frustration, and some well-deserved disappointment, the staff finally came around to the pick after some healthy discussion and perspective.

If you were unable to join us for opening night and wish to revisit the stream, we’ve got you covered below.

(Skip forward to 3:31:00 to hear the instant reaction to the Chargers pick)