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Chargers remaining needs heading into day 2

Telesco filled a big need yesterday, still some work to do today

NFL: NFL Draft Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The first round of the 2019 NFL Draft wrapped up about 12 hours ago. There were some surprises (like always) both good and bad. It was a long night waiting for the Los Angeles Chargers to pick at 28 and when they came on clock there were still some really good players at multiple positions of need for the bolts.

Tom Telesco decided to fill one of those needs with, according to him, the last player on their board with a 1st round grade in Jerry Tillery, DT out of Notre Dame. There will be plenty of articles and we will talk about it more during the live show tonight discussing that pick, but that’s not what this piece is about.

With the need for a DT with some pass rush and pocket collapsing ability handled, what does Telesco and his staff need to look at on day 2 to fill some remaining holes.

Offensive Tackle

The Chargers could still use another OT. They currently only have 4 OT’s on the roster: Russell Okung is obviously the best OT on the roster and the LT. End of story there.
Sam Tevi is currently the team’s RT, and despite how many of us feel, the team appears to have faith in him there.
Trent Scott is the backup swing tackle and if either Okung or Tevi are injured for more than a quarter, it isn’t a good situation.
Zachary Crabtree is the last tackle on the roster and he’s never seen the field in a regular season game.

This group needs another reliable name, even if it’s not someone to supplant Sam Tevi, it needs to be someone that doesn’t ruin the offense and get Philip Rivers killed if they come in as a backup. This group at very least needs a GOOD swing tackle. There are only a few names left that could come in and do that so the Chargers will likely need to trade up in the 2nd or have some luck to grab one. After the next 4 or so OTs on the board, there is a substantial drop off in talent.

Free Safety

Going to start this section off by saying, this may be less of a need than we think. Unlike the OT situation (we have seen Sam Tevi play as a starter and Trent Scott come in for a few games) Rayshawn Jenkins and Jaylen Watkins, who the coaches always talk about in a very positive light, are both pretty much unknowns. The team is saying over and over that they are confident in these guys, but excuse me if I doubt their exuberance since they weren’t confident enough to give Jenkins Jahleel Addae’s job for more than a few snaps last season.

There are a few interesting names on the board that are good coverage guys that would be nice to man the back end of the defense in Nassir Adderly and Juan Thornhill, but this seems to be a much better draft for SS types, which the Chargers already have more than covered between Derwin James and Adrian Phillips.


The Chargers are getting Denzel Perryman back, they signed Thomas Davis in Free Agency, they are getting Kyzir White back, and they just added some help in front of the Linebackers by drafting Jerry Tillery. However, this is still a group that needs another body that can bring more to the table on defense than Nick Dzubnar. Dzubnar is a fantastic special teamer, but with with Thomas Davis’ age, and Perryman’s injury history, it would be slightly irresponsible to not expect the need whoever is behind them to see the field a few times this season.

The problem here, is outside of the 2 Devin’s that went last night, there aren’t any real studs at the off ball LB spot. There are guys with potential that you could develop, but from a value perspective, I think this is a need they can wait until day 3 to address.


Casey Hayward continues to play at a high level, but other than that there are still some questions. Trevor Williams looked good in 2017, but in 2018 he battled through a bunch of injuries and because of that had a bad year. Mike Davis has shown some flashes of potential but he still isn’t a full fledged CB2 that you can rely on every play, especially with the question mark the team still has at FS who can help out over the top.

This could be interesting tonight, especially in round 2, because of how round 1 played out last night. Only 1 CB came off the board in round 1 and he was by no means the consensus top CB in the draft. There are a handful of interesting names who could provide a lot of value and potentially start at CB2 for the Chargers, still available. Now those names could get wiped out very quickly at the top of round 2, but if the Chargers want to fill that need, they could try and trade up if they have a guy they love and get a really good player.

Defensive Tackle

I know. They just took a DT last night in round one. Trust me though, there’s still a need to add another.

After last night the group is Brandon Mebane, Jerry Tillery, Justin Jones, and T.Y. McGill. This is such a deep draft for DTs and with the Chargers only having 4 bodies there right now, adding another DT should definitely be a priority. There are going to be guys all the way into probably the 5th round that could make this roster and probably beat out T.Y. McGill to be the main rotational guy.

And there you have it. The Chargers still have some needs to address but there are still good players that would fit the bill at almost all of those positions. Can we just fast forward to tonight already please?!