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4th Annual BFTB Live Draft Show

You’re welcome

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Don’t worry everyone, you wont be killing the 2ish hours before the Los Angeles Chargers are on the clock on Thursday alone. We will be here with you.

Matthew Stanley, Garrett Sisti, Michael Peterson, and Daniel Stebbins will be once again doing our live show on youtube for the draft. We will be with you all three days, for every single pick. We might even get a cameo from Kyle Posey if he isn’t too busy running things over at 9ers Nation.

We will be updating this article with an embedded stream as well as tweeting out the link from a bunch of accounts.

The first few hours will obviously have some time for questions and we will be checking here as well as the chat on the youtube stream.

So get your supplies for Thursday night (snacks, energy drinks, adult beverages) and get ready to enjoy a few days hanging out with us!