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The AFC West never sleeps: Chiefs make a big trade with Seahawks

The Chiefs are trading away their 1st round pick in 2019

While the NFL learned that the AFC West was no pushover last year, those within its boundaries know that it is a scrappy dogfight to get to the top each year. Each team has tried to position themselves to win the division, knowing full-well that only two (or a maximum three) have any chance at seeing postseason glory.

The Broncos kicked their newest QB out of town in return for SuperBowl XLVII MVP Joe Flacco, while the Raiders are ready to cash in the three first-round picks they amassed in just one season’s fire sale. The Chargers and the Chiefs have stood largely by their successful 2018 rosters, but there are plugs to fill on both teams.

Earlier this week, word began to sneak out that the Chiefs and the Seahawks were in talks to deal DE Frank Clark to another team. According to Ian Rappoport, the three top teams were the Jets, the Chiefs, and the Colts.

Today, the direction of the trade was narrowed to the Chiefs alone.

Well, it wasn’t long AT ALL before the concrete details were hammered out.

The Seahawks walk away with an extra 1st round this year and a 2nd next year, all while avoiding a player that they didn’t really want to pay.

On Monday, summarized Clark’s financial impact:

Clark is slated to earn $17 million on the franchise tag in 2019. Any team acquiring the 25-year-old pass-rusher must be ready to hand him a massive new contract -- likely landing somewhere around the $90 million deal Trey Flowers got from the Detroit Lions this offseason.

The numbers aren’t released yet, but it is clear that the Chiefs wanted an impact player. Clark is a talented pass rusher coming off his best season, with a career-high 13 sacks. It is somewhat surprising to see the Chiefs make this move, as they are still deep in licking their wounds over Hunt and Hill issues. For Clark, a history of domestic violence issues stemming from his college days will surely be a point of focus.

In all, a surprising move for the Chiefs, due to the financial impact and the very poor optics this offers the franchise. The on-field results, however, are yet to be written.

FLASH UPDATE: Money details announced!

Holy moly cannoli, the Chiefs apparently outbid themselves several times to make this deal happen! At $63.5 million guaranteed, this trade no longer affects just 2019/2020 trade equity, but it will surely impact the Chiefs’ ability to sign and retain players by the end of the year.

-Jason “C’mon guys. Do you even background check?” Michaels