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Chargers open to trading down out of first round

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Chargers enter the draft in possession of the 28th overall pick. There is a good chance that the tops offensive linemen and interior defensive linemen will be gone by the time they are on the board. It is not unrealistic to think they could field calls from teams near the top of the second round who are interested in trading up into the end of the first.

Chargers general manager Tom Telesco is no stranger to making deals in the NFL Draft and today, he was quoted on the team website as saying:

It would be the same with every draft: We’re always receptive to it. We go through a lot of different scenarios as far as trading back, trading up and staying put. There’s never been a year where I’d ever say that we would definitely not trade up or definitely not trade back. We’d certainly be receptive to it…If you did trade out of the first round, ideally you wouldn’t want to go too far back into the second round.

There is a good amount of depth available at positions where the Chargers have needs (safety and receiver for instance) that makes the prospect of adding another mid-round pick while staying near the front of the second very attractive. Aside from someone falling unexpectedly all the way to 28, there are few scenarios that can compare favorably with trading down.