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2019 Win/Loss totals as predicted by Bolts From The Blue

With the schedule released, how many wins can the 2019 Chargers rack up?

With the release of the 2019 season schedule for each NFL team, fans and pundits alike can finally make their predictions on each match-up. Knowing the time, date, and location of each match is paramount to accurately predicting a team’s performance in the coming season.

That said, prior to the draft, it’s all based on 2018 performance and a general “feel” for the team getting better or worse through free agency. We will revisit the list again after the draft and see if some of the new blood makes us change our tune when it comes to win/loss predictions. Another talent like Derwin James, for instance, changes everything.

Jason Michaels: As you can see, my outlook is the only correct one, accurately depicting exactly how the Chargers will fare in 2019. They’ve got a date with the Wildcard round again, but also pull the delightful hat trick of beating the Chiefs at Arrowhead. Their only stupid loss is the Dolphins, helping build another quarter season of Fitzmagic before they Fitzflounder.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: Man, I know my list says 15-1 and that’s not something that I would bet the ranch on, but going down the list—the wins just kept piling up. Do I fear the Colts, Bears, Packers or Vikings? Those are good teams, too, but I’m not just gonna concede losses to them. That’s a very nice schedule to have. Of course the Chargers can always Chargers this thing up and who knows what will happen. But that’s so 2017...

Michael Peterson: 12-4, with a potential loss to the Broncos making it 11-5.

Richard Wade: There’s not a single game on that schedule I can’t picture them finding a way to lose. I am the anti-Ruben.

Louis Gorini: I’m a pessimist at heart. With my predictions I was extremely conservative (I absolutely think they could beat the Colts and Texans). What I did here was paint a worst case scenario for the Chargers.

Matthew Stanley: The Chargers are going to get off to a fast start. I think they go 5-1 in the division, and, like last year, lose more games at home than on the road.

Jake Hefner: The Chargers have a favorable schedule to start the season. The team will have to endure a difficult six game span before their week 12 bye that will be critical for their playoff push before the tail end of their schedule.

Daniel Stebbins: The Colts are going to be a powerhouse this year, so a small stumble to start the year wouldn’t be a surprise. Steelers are low-key awful and Ben actively losing them games should continue, and the Titans defense won’t save them from the offense. Visiting KC in week 17 is less than ideal to end the year, but a 13-3 finish appears to be very possible in spite of this.

Nate Lewkowitz: Changed my mind about them losing to the Bears, actually. I guess I see them repeating 13-3. (editors note: sorry, the image has been made. No take-backs)

So, there you have it! The Chargers look to follow-up a very impressive 2018 season with an optimistic 11-5 season, according to the mean-average totals from our above-average staff. The consensus for a win was at the Lions and Titans, as well as against the Broncos in LA. The Packers in LA look to give the Chargers a run for their money. The scariest matchup of the year is a tie against the Chiefs in Arrowhead to close the season, though we’ll all be hoping that they’re resting their starters that day.

What are your W/L predictions for the 2019 season?

-Jason “Chartlemagne” Michaels