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Chargers met with WSU OT Andre Dillard

Washington State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Washington State’s Andre Dillard, one of the top offensive tackles and possibly the best pure pass-protector in the NFL Draft, reportedly met with the Chargers on Monday following another visit with the Atlanta Falcons. According to Adam Schefter. Dillard has steadily made the rounds to a number of NFL teams and looks to be one of the most coveted players at his position.

The former WSU Cougar has been one of my favorite prospects to watch this year and with the Chargers in desperate need to upgrade the right tackle position, it’s been even more fun to imagine Dillard pass-protecting for Philip Rivers in the twilight of his career.

At 6-foot-5 and 310 pounds, Dillard was a top performer at the NFL Combine when he was one of four offensive linemen to run a sub-5.0 forty while excelling at the full gambit of athletic tests.

One of the most notable drawbacks to Dillard’s game is the pass-heavy Air Raid scheme he was a part of under head coach Mike Leach. This obviously groomed him to be a top-tier pass protector but the lack of experience drive-blocking and general run game reps is the main aspect giving many pundits pause when considering him as a top-20 talent.

There’s no doubt that he would be an immediate impact player for the Chargers were he to fall all the way to #28. I’d love the pick but chances are he is gone by then. But crazier things have happened, right?