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Chargers met with Kyler Murray at the NFL combine

Should fans look in to this at all?

College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Capital One Orange Bowl - Alabama v Oklahoma Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

One of the most surprising meetings at the combine to make a headline in the last week as got to be the recent announcement from Bleacher Reports’ Kyle Newport that the Chargers met with potential first round and #1 overall selection, quarterback Kyler Murray.

Via Jim Trotter of NFL Media, head coach Anthony Lynn described Murray as “impressive” and “sharp” during their time together in Indianapolis.

If you’ve been paying attention to other recent headlines hogging up space at the local newsstand, you may have noticed the rash of critical takes about Murray’s maturity and the piping-hot comments by NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly that he’s never heard worse comments about a such a highly-coveted quarterback prospect.

I’m not sure how much Chargers fans should look into this meeting as their is an almost zero percent chance that the former-Sooner signal-caller would be available when the Bolts pick in this year’s draft but it doesn’t take away from the intrigue of readers.

The thing is, teams will often meet with players that they have no plans of drafting in order to gain a strategic edge in the future, usually if they believe a prospect has a chance to get drafted by a team within their division or an opponent they expect to play in the near future.

My take: I think it’s a great idea for obvious strategic reasons and, if they truly believe that Murray will take the league by storm and be one of the next great quarterbacks in the league, it’s not a bad idea to get a leg-up on the competition if you believe this player may stand in their way of future success.