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Update: Tyrod Taylor 2 year deal worth $11M

He’s going to see the field.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

We have some numbers for QB Tyrod Taylor’s 2 year deal with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Those numbers aren’t as small as I was hoping for, but that says 2 things to me. First it says that the Chargers wanted to make sure they got him and didn’t want Tyrod to consider other offers. Second, it says to me, they plan on him seeing the field this year.

They are going to put together some packages for him, likely some goal line packages, and where I really really hope they plan on using him, are some packages for 4th and short. That would be great to see. We could finally wave goodbye to the days of Philip Rivers barking out a hard count “trying” to draw the defense offsides, when the whole world knows there is a 0% chance they are actually snapping the ball. Tyrod will at least make 4th and short a lot less predictable for the other team.

Overall, I don’t think they overpaid as he will give them some flexibility with some special packages and allows them to continue building the base of the team on days 1 and 2 of the draft so they won’t have to reach for a QB.