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Report: Jason Verrett visiting 49ers

The oft injured former 1st round pick gets outside interest.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Former 1st round pick Jason Verrett has not had the opportunity to live up to his potential so far in his career due to a multitude of injuries. That hasn’t stopped the Chargers from continuing to believe in him, and it appears it hasn’t stopped other teams from wanting him either.

The Chargers said earlier in the offseason that they have interest in keeping Verrett around, but I don’t see them getting into any sort of bidding war with the 49ers if he passes his physical there and they give him an offer.

Verrett seems like a great guy off the field, and when he CAN get on the field, he executes at a high level. It would be great if he could stay healthy and perform at that same high level, but at this point, the 49ers might be saving the Chargers from themselves and helping them move on. A fresh start might be what’s best for both the team and JV.