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Breaking: Chargers re-sign NT Brandon Mebane to 2 year deal

Chargers bring back locker room leader

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Telesco and the Los Angeles Chargers are starting free agency in a very similar fashion. Not making splashy moves, but focusing on keeping/bringing in veterans with leadership capabilities to help influence their young talent in the locker room while complementing them on the field. That trend continues with bringing back Brandon Mebane on a 2 year deal.

Mebane hasn’t been a game changer on the field, however his presence in the locker room is very valuable. I would assume this is going to be a team friendly deal as well.

Beyond his leadership, this signing continues the theme of using FA to prevent giant holes from forming, which allows TT and his crew more flexibility to grab the best player available early in the draft, rather than having to reach for positions of need.

While I would have liked to see a different name signed at NT, it’s hard to ignore the practicality of this signing and I also don’t think it takes a DT/NT off the table in rounds 1-3.