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Chargers WR Mike Williams limps off the field

Los Angeles Chargers v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Chargers are trailing the Minnesota Vikings early in this week 15 contest, and now it appears they could potentially be without their big play wide receiver Mike Williams. The Clemson product has two receptions for 58 yards roughly halfway through the 1st quarter, but he has limped off the field following the second of those two catches. He has not yet returned to the field, but the drive quickly stalled out without him resulting in a field goal attempt by Michael Badgley (41 yards and good), so we still do not know what the injury is or what the severity of said injury may be.

For now, we simply have to sit and wait to see if Williams will be able to return and if he returns whether or not he will be limited by what happened. Williams has played throughout most of the season with a knee injury, so it is certainly possible that he can come back and continue to contribute.

UPDATE: Mike Williams has returned to the game.