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Could the Chargers Chargers bench Philip Rivers with a bad game today?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

During the previous two games prior to their bye week, the Los Angeles Chargers’ franchise quarterback, Philip Rivers, was incredibly ineffective and struggled mightily turning the ball over. According to’s Ian Rapoport, a repeat performance today against the Denver Broncos could result in a benching:

But if Rivers’ play warrants, they will insert backup Tyrod Taylor. It won’t be a quick hook. Still, to make the playoffs, the Chargers may need to win out, and while such a move would be jarring, it will be made, if necessary.

Historically, Rivers has not had much luck against the Broncos’ defense. In each of his last three games against the division rival, Rivers has thrown no fewer than two interceptions. Turning the ball over against Denver isn’t just a new problem either. Over his last 11 games against them, Rivers has given the ball away multiple times more than half of the time. If he is unable to reverse that trend today, we could be seeing the end of Rivers’ incredible Chargers career.

Ultimately, benching Rivers would not accomplish much even if it does happen. Taylor is more careful with the ball, but he is also far less likely to create big plays. The offense would be more different than better with him at the helm. Still, hopefully, we don’t have to find out what it would look like today.