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Surge or Static: Party in the backfield and you’re all invited

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports


DE Joey Bosa

Joey Bosa was a menace for Aaron Rodgers from the very first Packers drive of the game. On the very first third-down of the day, Bosa used an inside move to beat the Packers’ elite left tackle, David Bahktiari. This was also the first play that he and Melvin Ingram lined-up together on the same side.

That defensive play-call would go on to bringing two more sacks for the duo, who now have more combined sacks while lined-up next to each other than they do when lined-up on seperate sides.

Bosa has stayed true to his word after that loss to the Tennessee Titans and has been nothing short of phenomenal over the last two weeks. With multiple sacks against the Bears and Packers, he’ll look to get after Derek Carr on Thursday night who may be without their starting right tackle, Trent Brown.

OLB Melvin Ingram

This was exactly the type of game that Ingram and the Chargers desperately needed at this point in the season. Up to this point, Ingram has been hasn’t been much more of an afterthought this season after missing a handful of games and failing to make many splashes prior to his hamstring injury. Prior to this game, I was constantly stating that Ingram has got to start pulling his weight if he has any shot of being prioritized once his latest contract expires.

Well, you got to love it when a player makes you quiet your criticisms.

Ingram joined Bosa with 1.5 sacks and 1.5 tackles-for-loss against the Packers while working synergistically with the Big Bear.

RB Melvin Gordon

In what was obviously his best game of the 2019 season, Melvin Gordon went over the 100 yards from scrimmage mark and ran for two scores to help put the Packers away before the final quarter ever started.

In Shane Steichen’s first game as the Chargers’ new OC, the Bolts rushed for 158 yards on 38 carries, with both Gordon and Ekeler rushing for at least 70 yards and averaging 4.0+ YPC.

I don’t know if it was the new play-caller or what, but Gordon looked about as good as ever in this one. As the game went on, #25 seemed to only get stronger, collecting 4-5 yard-gains at will and even hurdling a defender for the highlight of the day.

If Gordon can sustain this type of play, then maybe there is room after all on this team for two dynamic backs.


S Rayshawn Jenkins

I’m not sure what Jenkins was thinking, but he almost single-handedly shifted momentum to the Packers when nothing seemed to be going their way.

After a 3rd-and-14 that saw Rodgers throw an incomplete pass, the Chargers and Packers special teams unit started to take the field. A few moments passed and flags were thrown. Jenkins was, for whatever reason, getting into the face of a Packers player, even going as far as to grab the opposing player’s facemask.

He was flagged for unsportsmanlke conduct and Green Bay was given a first down. They would go on to gain two more first downs but failed to turn the penalty into any points. This was about as good as things could have gone in response to Jenkins’ boneheaded actions.

Jenkins will likely be on a fairly-short list going forward as this near-debacle.

OT Trent Scott

Scott was replaced in the starting lineup the second Russell Okung returned from his pulmonary embolism. However, he was thrust back into this one after Sam Tevi succumbed to a lower-leg injury that kept him out of most of Sunday’s game.

A few plays following the injury, the Chargers found themselves in the Packers red zone for the second time in as many drives. As soon as the Chargers got within the twenty-yard line, the Chargers were flagged for a penalty and Scott followed it up by allowing a sack on Philip Rivers.

It killed what was another promising drive that surely was meant to end in six points but the Bolts were forced to kick their second field goal.

If Tevi can’t go this Thursday night, Scott will be forced back into starting action on the oppositie side that he has played on this entire season.