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Chargers-Packers final score: Los Angeles Chargers defeat the Green Bay Packers 26-11

Green Bay Packers v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Chargers received the opening kickoff and thanks to a penalty, their opening drive began on their own 5. The first two plays were a sideline pass to Mike Williams for 9 yards and a short run by Melvin Gordon to move the sticks. An endaround by Williams on the ensuing 1st was only good for 2 yards. With an empty backfield, Rivers had just enough time for Hunter Henry to cross the field and haul in a pass for a new set of downs. Austin Ekeler got a carry on the next play to set up 2nd & 6. They went empty again after that and Green Bay called a timeout before Philip Rivers could take the snap. Ekeler, lined up out wide, was targeted on at the sticks and he secured it for the 1st down. A pitch to Gordon quickly went nowhere for only the second unsuccessful play of the drive. Play action helped to give Rivers enough time to find Keenan Allen over the middle for another 1st down. Henry got another target on the next snap and moved the sticks again. Gordon then took a carry up the middle for 5 yards. A swing pass to Gordon to the left side of the formation created 1st & goal. Rivers was forced out of the pocket and scrambled back to the line of scrimmage. On the next play, pressure came again when nobody could get open and Rivers took the sack for a 1-yard loss. Illegal contact went uncalled on the next play as Rivers tried to hook up with Henry in the front corner of the end zone. Michael Badgley then came on to attempt his first field goal of the season, and he converted it for 3 points and an early lead.

The Packers’ first drive was not quite as successful. Aaron Rodgers threw a short pass that was stopped for a loss. The Packers then got called for a false start. An 8-yard pass to Davante Adams gave them a 3rd & manageable, but Joey Bosa beat his man for a sack and forced a punt.

Another endaround, this time to Allen, went for 7 yards, but a holding penalty against Virgil Green moved them backward. On 1st & 20, Rivers hit Williams on a short crossing route and he was off to the races picking up the 1st and more all the way to the Green Bay 13-yard line. The 56-yard reception was the Chargers’ longest play from scrimmage on the year.

An illegal shift moved them back 5 yards again. On 1st & 15, the offensive line was beaten immediately and Rivers could barely finish his drop before being sacked. Rivers was nearly picked on the next snap to set up 3rd & 24. They ran a screen to Ekeler and only picked up about 6 yards to shorten Badgley’s field goal attempt. Badgley was good again, this time from 40.

Aaron Jones’ first carry of the game went for 3 yards. A short pass to Jamaal Williams was just shy of the line to gain, but it set the Packers up for a 3rd & short as the 1st quarter came to a close. Rodgers tried to pull the Chargers’ offside but his own line jumped instead to make it 3rd & 6. Desmond King gave Adams plenty of room to run beyond the line to gain and turn to catch a pass for the 1st down essentially uncovered completely negating quick pressure by Bosa. A 5-yard run by Jones was then given back with another false start. Rodgers tried to go to Adams again, but he could not connect with him. On 3rd & 10, Melvin Ingram immediately beat his man and pulled down Rodgers for the sack.

The Chargers offense took over again after the punt. Back-to-back carries by Ekeler went for 5 and 16 yards respectively. Gordon then came in and promptly got tackled for a loss. Rivers tried to find Henry on the next play but they could not hook up. On 3rd & 10, Rivers was able to complete a pass to Henry, but he was well short of the sticks, and the Chargers’ punting unit came on for its first punt of the day.

Runs by Jones and Williams to start the next drive set up 3rd & 1, or they would have, but an illegal block in the back instead made it 2nd & 10. Delay of game pushed them back another 5 yards. A great tackle by King on the next snap made it 3rd & 14. Geronimo Allison very nearly took a short screen pass all the way to the sticks, but Drue Tranquill stopped him just short. Rayshawn Jenkins then committed the dumbest penalty of the season to keep the Packers offense on the field. Runs of 7 and 3 yards by Jones netted another 1st down. Quick pressure by the Chargers forced Rodgers to throw off balance before he wanted to and resulted in an incompletion. Denzel Perryman met Jones in the hole on 2nd down and held him to 3 yards. With 3rd & 7 in 4-down territory, the Packers lined up with 4 wide and Rodgers tried to hit Anthony Lazard deep down the left sideline, but he was unable to get enough on the ball because of pressure by Bosa. The Packers then elected to punt. Green Bay tried to take a delay of game, but the Chargers declined it.

Starting from their own 8, the Chargers allowed Gordon to carry the ball up the middle for 6 yards. Ekeler then took the next two touches and picked up the 1st down. Another pass to Henry set up 2nd & 4. Passes to Gordon and Henry then went for 13 and 18 yards before Allen caught a shorter pass over the middle for 5 yards. On the next play, Rivers hit his arm on his lineman while trying to throw a deeper route to Allen and was lucky not to be intercepted as it sailed on him a bit. Pressure got to Rivers, but he was able to shovel the ball to Gordon who scooted away for just enough yardage to pick up the 1st. A quick pass to Henry allowed him to pick up another 1st and get out of bounds as time ticked off the clock. With 20 seconds on the clock, the Chargers were inside the Green Bay 15. Russell Okung then killed the drive with a holding penalty. A pass to Ekeler picked up about 8 yards, but all it really did was make Badgley’s field goal attempt shorter. On 2nd & 12 with 9 seconds to play, Rivers simply threw a pass out the back of the end zone to run clock before the kick. Badgley was then good from 34 to end the half.

An average kick return to open the second half, gave Rodgers starting field position of his own 23. Jaylen Watkins did a great job of setting the edge on 1st down and it allowed the defense to swarm to the ball and stop Jones for a 3-yard loss. Rodgers scrambled for 5 yards on the next down. Rodgers had all day to throw on 3rd down and he went deep for Jake Kumerow, but he missed him by inches. Following the three-and-out, the punting unit came on.

The Chargers’ first offensive play of the second half went to Allen who was wide open over the middle and he gained 20. Gordon got the carry to start the new set of downs, and he went for 8. Gordon followed that up with another explosive run up the middle and moved the sticks. Justin Jackson got his first touch on the next play from scrimmage, and he picked up 6. A pitch to Jackson was nearly stopped for a loss, but he managed to get a yard out of it. Gordon lined up at receiver on 3rd down, and was the target but he couldn’t handle a pass from Rivers that was slightly behind him. Badgley then kicked his fourth field goal of the day.

A fantastic tackle by Tranquill on the kickoff was made even more meaningful by an illegal block by the Packers that had the Packers starting from their 11. A quick pass to Adams picked up 8 and Michael Davis forced him out of bounds. Jimmy Graham then beat Watkins for the 1st down. With a defender bearing down on him, Rodgers threw the ball away at his receiver’s feet. On the next play, Bosa tripped up Rodgers and Ingram finished him off. On 3rd & 16, Rodgers had time, but he could not find an open receiver and ended up throwing an incompletion to set up the punt. Tranquill then managed to deflect the punt giving the offense great field position.

Ekeler started the next drive at running back and immediately rushed for 5 yards. On his next carry, he picked up 9 more before being stopped for no gain on 1st down. A quick angle route to Jackson created 3rd & 3 inside the Packers’ 10. Gordon was in at running back and got enough for the 1st down and nearly was able to stretch for the score. The next play was well blocked and Gordon was able to practically walk in for 6 points.

Down 19, the Packers came out firing. Jones ripped off a 5 yard run. Adams picked up 9. Then Jones rushed for another 7 after which Perryman had to be attended to by the training staff. Tranquill took over for Perryman at linebacker. Williams then took a short pass for 6 and a new set of downs. Rodgers’ next pass was short of his intended target, Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Adams hauled in another pass behind the line, but King met him there and stopped him for a loss of 3. On 3rd & 13, Rodgers tried King again and this time he laid a hit on Kumerow that broke up the pass. Mason Crosby then made his first appearance to try a 54-yard field goal which he easily converted.

On the first play of their drive, Philip Rivers held up under pressure and delivered a strike to Mike Williams deep over the middle for a huge 46-yard gain that ended the 3rd quarter.

Rivers handed off to Gordon for another 5-yard gain to open the 4th quarter. An endaround to Ekeler picked up 4 more. Gordon then got the call again and bowled his way forward for another 1st down. Gordon’s next carry was stuffed for a 2-yard gain. With a blitzer in his face, Rivers hit Henry over the middle and moved the chains once again. On 1st & goal from the 5, Ekeler picked up 3 rushing up the middle. After play action, Rivers had no open receivers and threw the ball out the back of the end zone. A handoff to Ekeler on 3rd down was stopped for no gain. Green Bay lined up in the neutral zone on the field goal attempt, so Lynn elected to take points off the board and try to punch it in on 4th & goal from the 1. They lined up in a heavy package, blocked the play perfectly and Gordon wasn’t touched until he’d already broken the plane.

Taking over down 23 points, Rodgers started the drive throwing underneath to Adams for a 4-yard gain. On the next play, he went to Allison over the middle for a 1st down, but he was hit hard by Watkins and both players had to be tended to by the trainers. Rodgers had plenty of time to throw on the next down and he was able to find Lazard for another 1st down. A quick pass to Graham at the line of scrimmage was stopped for only a 3-yard gain by Thomas Davis. With Michael Davis playing way off his man, Adams caught an uncontested pass and ducked out of bounds for another 1st down. Lazard quickly found the hole in the zone on the next play and Rodgers hit him in stride to move the chains again. Jones on his next touch was able to get upfield for 5 yards before being stopped. Williams caught a pass at the line of scrimmage where Watkins and Thomas Davis both had an opportunity to stop him, but neither could and he got forward for a 1st down. On the next play, Rodgers kept the play alive long enough to hit Williams for a touchdown. Then, the Packers went for 2 and Rodgers scrambled for it to cut the Chargers lead to 15.

A penalty on the kicking team forced them to re-kick from further back. The 5-yard penalty resulted in 15 yards of improved field position. From shotgun, the Chargers let Gordon run toward the sideline where he smartly cut back toward the middle of the field and picked up 7. Gordon got the call again on 2nd down and got beyond the line to gain. After a Packers timeout, Gordon carried again for 3 more yards and Green Bay burned another timeout. Ekeler then relieved him and immediately rushed for 6 yards to put the offense in 3rd & 1 and use up the Packers’ final timeout. Ekeler got the ball again and broke through the line for a 10-yard gain. Gordon returned to the field and picked up another 5 yards and kept the clock ticking. On Gordon’s next carry, he was only able to pick up a yard. On 3rd & 4, he was stopped behind the line. On 4th & 4, Rivers tried to draw the defense offsides, but then they called a timeout and called on the kicking unit again to try to make it 29-11, but the Money Badger missed wide left to keep the Packers alive.

Down 15, the Packers took the field at their own 34 and picked up 7 on a quick pass to Graham who ducked out of bounds before the 2-minute warning. Rodgers’ next pass fell incomplete and brought us to that 2-minute warning. Lazard got open again up the seam and hauled in another 1st down to get across midfield. Rodgers’ next pass was a dumpoff to Williams that he had to be glad fell incomplete. Rodgers then tried to go deep to the end zone, but he overthrew his intended target. On 3rd & 10, Williams caught a 5-yard pass at the sideline to make 4th down slightly more manageable. Rodgers slipped away from Bosa to fire a pass to the end zone, but his receiver was barely in the area of it.

The offense then took the field to kneel out the final seconds of the game.