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Before and After: Results of the Mexico City Mishap

Insights into the power that a single game has on its fan base

In this Before and After series, we offer a series of polls to measure fans’ responses to various queries. The poll is opened up the day before a game, and then the same questions are asked in a poll the day after a game. The polls are open for equal amounts of time.

The results tell us how our perceptions can change after one game.

The game against the Kansas City Chiefs took place on the neutral territory of Mexico City, where the Chargers might arguably have a greater fan awareness. This matchup has been circled on fans’ calendars since the schedule was released, as there was every expectation that it would determine the eventual winner of the division.

As things would have it, that might have been an accurate depiction, though it was more about the Chiefs earning more breathing room at the top of the division.

The Chargers fought hard and the game came down to the wire. While the game was lost in terrible fashion, the last interception would surely color all NFL fans’ opinions of the Chargers in 2019. Let’s see how this latest one-score loss impacted fan perceptions:

Takeaways (4, in fact)

  • More fans check in after a game than before (260 vs. 455). Because it is probable that more visits occur during the work week, percentages are compared for these polls.
  • Most fans expected Rivers to bow out after introducing the new stadium, but the vast majority now expect this year to be his final hurrah
  • Austin Ekeler’s stock is even higher than before, edging out Keenan Allen. Both have clearly earned contract renewal consideration in fans’ eyes
  • While ‘weakest link’ perceptions stayed pretty much the same before and after, the Raiders’ perception as potential division winners gained from the Chargers’ loss more than the Chiefs did

What questions would you recommend for the next installment?

-Jason “Yes, that was a 4-interception pun back there. Luv ya, Phil!” Michaels