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NFL Bets: The Degenerate Gambler’s chief fear

Our gambling friend heads south of the border

Hello, folks! You’ll likely remember last week, where the Chargers charged right into third place in their division. Those who followed the Degenerate Gambler’s advice escaped the week with a few extra coins to their name, while those who predicted a Chargers win probably haven’t turned on the TV since that game. It’s hard to blame them!

Each week our friend, the Degenerate Gambler, puts $100 on the line on Chargers-related bets. The team might stumble, but our anti-hero can still walk away with a victory if he plays his cards right!gers-

Week 10 Chargers @ Raiders

  • Wager 1 - Chargers First half - Up .5 : $ 50.00 [ +105 ] L
  • Wager 2 - Raiders First Score - Field Goal : $ 50.00 [ +145 ] WIN $ 72.50

TOTAL: $ 22.50 profit

A rare 2-bet week from the Degenerate Gambler. To be fair, he got quite lucky to leave this week up a few bucks, as it seems that his concept of the game wasn’t entirely accurate. The Chargers did not run away with this game, and the Raiders did not succumb to the Chargers’ defense.

Luckily, with bets, you don’t have to be completely correct to win— and a nice [+145] bet on the Raiders getting a field goal saved the Gambler’s week! There’s not a whole lot more to glean from this debacle, so let’s see how the Degenerate Gambler is leaning as the Chargers head south of the border to meet the Chiefs in Mexico City.

A neutral field, but anything but neutral odds for these two teams. The Chargers are not expected to win the day, but they’ve overcome greater obstacles before. What does the Degenerate Gambler think of this week’s match up?

Week 11 Chargers Vs. Chiefs

Wager 1 - Chargers Spread (+4.0) : $ 15.00 [ -110 ] W $ 13.64

Wager 2 - Highest Scoring Half - 2nd & OT : $ 25.00 [ -115 ] Possible win: $21.74

Wager 3 - Longest TD - Under 44.5 yards : $ 20.00 [ -115 ] Possible win: $17.39

Wager 4 - Team with longest TD - Chargers : $ 20.00 [+120 ] Possible win: $24.00

Wager 5 - Successful 2 pt conversion - Yes : $ 20.00 [ +350 ] Possible win: $70.00


Well, it’s too early to tell if he expects the Chargers tow in or not. Judging from his first wager, it looks like they might get a close loss, but that’s also his smallest bet of the week. I’d say that that’s just a consolation prize if they actually win.

Beyond that, he’s focused on fairly safe bets for the majority of his wagers this week. 2nd half scoring and half the field for the longest touchdown—those look good most weeks, and he’ll probably be in the game through most of the evening. The team with the longest TD is pretty close to a toss-up on a weekly basis, so it’s nice to get a [+120] on that.

One of his longest-odd bets of the season is on the successful 2 point conversion, which certainly came in to play last year. At +350, that was too alluring for our anti-hero to avoid. If either team gets down significantly, but within possible catch-up space, this could be interesting!

-Jason “Is this American dollars?” Michaels