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REPORT: Redskins now open to trading Trent Williams?

Let’s all just dream for a minute.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that star Left Tackle Trent Williams is finally available for trade from the Washington Redskins.

Trent had been holding out all season so far in a disagreement with the team and their medical staff.

So should the Chargers trade for him? I think they should at least call to see what the asking price is.

Saying the team shouldn’t consider it because they “have Russell Okung” or “believe in their young guys” is garbage. Why can’t they have both?

He’s due just over $14M next season and Okung is due about $16M, but as it is the last year of their contracts, they could cut either one and get $12-13M back. They could also work on a restructure to lower that as well. It also gives them the flexibility going into the draft to grab a QB if they’re in love with one early.

The only question here is really cost. If they want two firsts, it’s not worth it. If they want 2 picks in 2020, I’d say its still not worth it. But for the right price this is a move that makes a ton of sense.

However, Tom Telesco doesn’t have a history of making moves like this, plus the party line for the team has been that they believe in the young guys, so it’s not likely this is something they’re even seriously considering. Plus the Cleveland Browns have reportedly been calling the Redskins for weeks now so they have kind of a “head start” on packaging a deal that teams only have about 24 hours (1PM Pacific) to get done before the deadline.