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MGIII being linked to Lions and Bills as trade deadline approaches

It is officially “go big or get off the pot” time for a few teams

Is Melvin Gordon on the move?

While most of the Chargers fanbase are still basking in the fresh air of Victory Monday, there are still a lot of subjects that could grab eyes around the league. For instance, it has been speculated that the Chargers have focused on playing Melvin Gordon III this season, despite possible rust and missing training camp, to try and bolster his trade value. If that was the original plan, it went terribly awry as Gordon averaged just 2.5 yards per attempt and 112 yards over 4 games.

Gordon did himself and/or the Bolts the first solid favor of the season by showing his touchdown potential in Chicago. He refused to be brought down during a bruising, hard fought touchdown in the 2nd quarter that surely will make the highlight reels during his agent’s presentation.

Gordon has been linked to many teams over the past year, both during his hold out and throughout the season. What makes these current rumblings a little bit more substantial than hearsay is that Tuesday marks the final chance for the Chargers to get any trade value from MGIII this year. Unless they want to jump into franchise tag madness, they have one more day to try and find a suitor before Gordon finishes what is likely his last season as a Charger.

Both the Lions and the Bills are teams that have impressed so far this season. Both are teams that didn’t have much national attention going into this season, but are starting to build credit. The Bills got what might be a much-needed wakeup call yesterday against a surprisingly stout Eagles team. The Lions were just a different refereeing crew away from being one of the best-situated teams of the early season.

With the allure of a first-round pick now all but gone for Telesco to mull over, it remains to be seen if he can perhaps gather a 2nd or a variety of 2020/2021 picks for what remains a strong name in the RB market. It is unlikely that the Chargers will be able to pull out a strong player from any contending teams to help them this season, but that’s also a possibility.

By this point tomorrow, we will know if Melvin Gordon III is a Charger for the remainder of the season or not.

-Jason “No take-backs” Michaels