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Recap: Chargers claim victory over Bears

It was a tale of two halves!

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that might have been exactly what this team needed. This was a game that both teams desperately needed, and it played out exactly like that. Without further ado, let’s see how things played out, shall we?

1st Quarter

The Chargers took the first charge of the day, giving Melvin Gordon the ball to start the day. Two incomplete passes by Philip Rivers led to an uninspiring drive and a Ty Long punt at the LAC29. The Bears also tried to win the day through rushes, but penalties for false starting and a huge Joey Bosa sack on 3rd and 11 meant that the Bears would punt as well.

Philip Rivers made his first completion of the day to Keenan Allen, and then to Austin Ekeler. However, a 10-yard holding penalty to start the drive meant that they failed to make up the 20 yards necessary and punted from the LAC 39.

Chicago started their next drive at the CHI15 and didn’t do much until Mitchell Trubisky connected with Tarik Cohen for 31 yards. He connected with Cohen 2 more times to get to the LAC6, but Eddy Pineiro missed the 33-yard field goal.

The 1st Quarter pretty much ended with a Philip Rivers interception at the LAC 24. Not a great way to start the day.

Chargers - 0 Bears - 0.

2nd Quarter

The Chargers held the Bears deep in Charger territory, and the Bears settled for a 22-yard field goal to finally put points on the board. The Chargers had the next drive, but didn’t gain more than 20 yards before punting. Tarik Cohen returned that punt 24 yards!

The Bears didn’t make much of the next drive, thanks to some timely tackling from the Chargers defense. They punted from the Chicago 38, and the Chargers spent their next drive gaining exactly zero yards. Not a good start for the Chargers.

The Bears picked up their next drive at the Chicago 29, and proceeded to gash the Chargers for a 35 yard gain on a Trubisky to Anthony Miller pass. Now, deep in Chargers territory, they began to rush play after play. 2nd and goal from the LAC 9, Trubisky threw an incomplete pass. Cohen rushed 2 yards, and the Bears again settled for 3 points.

The Chargers finally got things rolling with a 10 yard pass to Virgil Green, a quick MGIII rush for 3 yards, and then a huge Mike Williams pass for 43 yards! The play of the day was a bruising MGIII rush for 19 yards and a touchdown, breaking several tackles and refusing to be denied.

Before the half was over, the Bears got to the LAC1 and couldn’t get the ball in through 3 plays. They settled for a field goal as time expired.

Chargers - 7 Bears - 9

3rd Quarter

Chicago started the 3rd quarter with a renewed confidence, and several Trubisky passes got the Bears within the LAC 4 during a 7-minute drive. David Montgomery rushed for 4 yards and the Bears now had a significant lead, 16 to 7.

The Chargers began their next drive with a 10 yard penalty, but kept determined to move the rock. Rivers was the start of this drive, hitting Hunter Henry for 11 and 20 yards, then Mike Williams for 17 yards. A 17 yard catch by Keenan Allen got the Chargers just outside of the Chicago red zone. The Bears ended up holding the Chargers within 2 yards of their goal, and the Bolts settled for 3 points.

Chargers - 10 Bears - 16

4th Quarter

Chicago was trying to put the game away in their first drive, when Trubisky was intercepted by Casey Hayward. Hayward returned the ball 37 yards and the Chargers found themselves again at the Chicago 20. Sounds good, right?

The drive fizzles, and Chase McLaughlin missed a 42-yard FG try. Nuts!

The Bears take over at their own 32, and had trouble getting much going once again. At that moment, Melvin Ingram recovered Mitchell Trubisky’s sack fumble and advanced it two yards. The Chargers couldn’t let this opportunity go (again)! Rivers connected with Melvin Gordon, and a face mask penalty tacked on another 12 yards. A quick 1-minute drive ended with Austin Ekeler catching an 11 yard touchdown pass.

With 7:57 remaining in the game, Chicago started their drive at their own 16. After three minutes, they had made it to their own 45, but another penalty brought them back 10 yards. They slogged to the LA 46, but needed 16 yards for the first down. They punted with 2 minutes and 11 seconds remaining.

The Chargers drive, filled with Chicago timeouts, burned the clock down to 1:45 remaining.

The Bears began their final drive on their own 35, and Trubisky connected for a 22 yard pass and then a 9 yard pass in short order. Now on the LA 34, the Chargers began to use time outs with 53 seconds remaining. Trubisky rushed for 11 yards, putting the Bears in great position to win at the LA 22. With time expiring, Eddy Pineiro kicked the 41 yard field goal.... and no good! No good! Chargers win!

Chargers - 17 Bears - 16

-Jason “Recap THAT” Michaels