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Los Angeles Chargers at Chicago Bears open thread

Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Currently riding a 3-game losing streak, the Los Angeles Chargers travel to Chicago to take on the not quite equally disappointing Chicago Bears. Both teams entered the season as at least mildly popular picks to represent their respective conferences in the Super Bowl. Now, as we close out October, both teams are instead trying to figure out a way to get on track.

The Bears have been held back in no small part by poor quarterback play from their young signal-caller, Mitchell Trubisky. The Chargers, on the other hand, have experienced a far greater variety of problems. From injuries to penalties to just bad coaching or poor execution, the Chargers have managed to lose in nearly every possible way.

Today’s game features a particularly fun matchup between Chicago’s anemic running game and the Chargers’ pathetic run defense. Certainly, one of them will have to carry the day, and neither seems particularly well-suited to the task.