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Report: Forrest Lamp has a broken ankle and is done for the year

It’s ok to cry...

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

We only got to experience 2 games with Forrest Lamp as a starter.

Lamp is basically the embodiment of the Chargers’ luck. He finally comes back from a devastating injury last preseason. Starts earning game snaps in the first couple of weeks this season. Finally gets into the starting lineup after an injury to Mike Pouncey. Then this happens.

He got rolled up on from behind while he was still engaged in a block and broke his ankle. This is pretty devastating emotionally.

Honestly with the way this staff handles guys with injuries and playing time, he may never get the chance to work back to meaningful snaps again with the Chargers.

In the short term it means that the Chargers will likely be rolling forward with C3 in Scott Quessenberry. Dan Feeney will likely move back to LG.

I’m getting tired of writing these articles. It’s awful.