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Chargers-Titans final score: Los Angeles Chargers lose on the road to the Tennessee Titans 23 - 20

Same old story.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers start with the ball and get to see what Ken Whisenhunt has decided to do to help the offense. Melvin Gordon on the field first with no Austin Ekeler. First play Keenan Allen gets good separation but the throw from Philip Rivers takes a bit too long to get there and the defender is able to make a great reaction to tip the ball away. A short run from Melvin Gordon sets up 3rd and 8. Still no Austin Ekeler.

Rivers is able to find Hunter Henry for a great play for almost 20 yards and a 1st down. Henry comes off the field for a few plays to recover after laying out for the pass. Rivers finds Virgil Green for 9 more and gets into Tennessee territory quickly.

Rivers has made 2 passes to Keenan Allen already on this first drive, there’s an obvious effort to get him involved early after he was largely eliminated the last few weeks. Unfortunately both throws have been off the mark from Rivers.

Unfortunately the drive fizzles out there. On 4th and 2 Rivers dials up a pass to Hunter Henry but there wasn’t enough zip and the defender was able to get there and knock it away.

The defense takes the field and the first play goes for double digits on a pass to the TE. Thomas Davis has decent coverage but a good throw and catch made the completion.

Ryan Tannehill fumbles the second snap, then the 3rd play draws an illegal shift penalty on the Titans. On 2nd and 16 Denzel Perryman makes a very quick tackle on a throw over the middle setting up 3rd and 10. That 3rd down play only nets 2 yards for the Titans as Jaylen Watkins locks up the receiver after the catch. Chargers get the ball back quick.

Or maybe not. Titans run a fake, and nobody is there to cover Safety Kevin Byard for the 1st down reception. Embarrassing.

Joey Bosa makes a fantastic play in run defense, as he has all season, to hold up the RB so Uchenna Nwosu could make the TFL and force 3rd and 5. On 3rd down Michael Davis makes a great PBU to force the 45 yard attempt for the Titans with a new kicker Cody Parkey. It’s good. 3 - 0 Titans.

Melvin Gordon starts out with 2 nice runs which are almost great. The second run he fumbles but gets an amazingly lucky bounce right back into his hands. Austin Ekeler gets his second touch of the day, both catches, and he takes it for another 13 yards.

Rivers then finds Keenan Allen for another 13 yards. Keenan’s 3rd target in the 1st quarter. That is a good trend. The Chargers get a 3rd 1st down on 3 consecutive plays as the Titans get a facemask penalty.

Melvin Gordon gets bottled up by rookie Jeffery Simmons making his 1st start of the year, for a loss of 1. The next play is a poorly executed screen to Melvin Gordon for another 4 yard loss setting up 3rd and 15 from the 28. Rivers with time hits Keenan Allen for a 16 yard pass and a 1st down just outside the 10 yardline.

Ekeler gets bottled up for no gain with a delayed handoff. 2nd down is incomplete with Rivers throwing it high over Mike Williams in the endzone. On 3rd down Rivers gets drilled as he throws as Sam Tevi gets beat. The pass comes out weak as a result and is almost picked off. Chase McLaughlin comes out for a 29 yard attempt and it’s good. 3 - 3 all tied up.

End of the 1st quarter. 3 - 3 all tied up.

The second quarter starts off with 11 yard pass on 2nd down. Damion Square lays into Tannehill but he’s able to get the pass off and make the completion to the TE over Casey Hayward. Hayward is banged up on the play.

Tannehill continues to make good throws. He is pushed out on the run and makes a great throw across his body for another 1st down to Corey Davis in front of Michael Davis.

The Chargers DL, decimated by injuries, has been doing a very solid job of keeping Derrick Henry bottled up on the ground. The pass rush is finally able to get some pressure as well and force 4th down from the Chargers 40, forcing the Titans to punt from within Chargers territory. The punt is downed at the 6 yard line. Chargers tart backed up.

Chargers start this backed up drive with 2 runs from Gordon which net 7 yards. Rivers has 3rd and 3 from the 13. Empty backfield and Rivers finds Keenan Allen for 17 yards and a highlight toe tap sideline catch. 1st down.

Ekeler gets the handoff to get out wide and shakes off 2 tackles to get a 1 yard gain. Rivers then has another deep sideline pass to Mike Williams who makes an amazing extension and toe tap to make the catch. Unfortunately Forrest Lamp is down on the play. Lamp is carted off.

Scott Quessenberry comes in at C and Dan Feeney moves back to LG. 1st play RIvers gets off the pass to Ekeler who takes it for 15 yards again. Ekeler has 3 catches for 38 yards already. Another pass to Ekeler for 5 more yards.

The OL is stepping up this game against an good defensive line. Rivers starting to look more comfortable and hits Hunter Henry for another good pass again. Rivers then finds Keenan Allen again on the sideline down at the 3 yard line. The Titans decide to challenge the play but it looks like they may not be able to overturn it. After the review the ruling stands. Chargers 1st and goal from the 3.

1st play Melvin Gordon is able to get a few inches. Not a lot of push from the OL. 2nd and goal Melvin Gordon again tries to go over the top from the 4 and makes it to about the 1 yard line. The Chargers sold out hard on 3rd and goal like it would be a run which left Melvin Gordon wide open outside for a TD pass from Rivers. Gordon gets his 1st score this season. 10 - 3 Chargers

Tannehill continues to keep the ball moving through the air, and the Chargers defense continues to shut things down on the ground. Seems like almost every pass from Tannehill is good for 10+ yards. Hopefully the Chargers defense continues to shut down the run and make improvements vs the pass.

The Titans finally get Derrick Henry going with a screen pass good for double digit yards. He then takes a handoff on the next play for 13 yards. The Titans quickly get into the redzone as the clock ticks under 1 minute in the half. Tannehill makes a completion to the 7 yard line. The Chargers wind up stopping the clock at 27 seconds as Thomas Davis has some sort of issue and throws off his helmet. He apparently was asking for an injury time out and wasn’t granted one.

1st and goal from the 7, 27 seconds left and 1 TO for Tennessee. Tannehill hits Corey Davis for the TD between Denzel Perryman and Drue Tranquill. Perryman is flagged for unnecessary roughness as he launches helmet to helmet into Davis. That will likely be a fine for Perryman as well. 10 - 10 all tied up for the Titans who get the ball after halftime.

Halftime 10 - 10 all tied up

The second half starts with a Titans drive that ended up in a punt. The Chargers defense did a good job and Joey Bosa put an absolutely brutal hit on Tannehill for a sack.

Rivers’s next drive with the offense started inside their own 10 yardline and didn’t go anywhere resulting in a 3 and out.

Tennessee started the next drive getting immediately into Chargers territory, however Uchenna Nwosu comes up huge again, hitting Tannehill’s arm causing an easy pop up interception for Teamer.

The Chargers are unable to capitalize on the turnover and are forced to punt it away to end the drive.

The Titans take their next drive however and march down the field to score a touchdown. Tannehill is able to move through the air basically at will. Cody Parkey misses the extra point however. 16 - 10 Titans.

Rivers and the offense are able to get points on the board on the next drive. Getting down close enough for a 50 yard field goal from Chase McLaughlin. 16 - 13 Titans

Derrick Henry and Tannehill move the ball down the field again on the Chargers defense which is not finishing strong here. Henry is able to force 4 missed tackles to score on the ground on just a bad play all around from the defense. XP is good. 23 - 13 Titans.

Rivers answers quickly. The Chargers go 75 yards on 4 pass plays wrapped up with a 41 yard bomb to Austin Ekeler for a touchdown. Still plenty of time on the clock. 23 - 20 Titans.

The next drive, the Chargers come up HUGE with a turnover on downs. Giving Rivers and company a chance, once again, down by 1 score, with about 2 minutes left.

Rivers is masterful on the next drive. He is able to pick open receivers and make great throws. Ekeler takes a pass and scampers up for what is initially ruled a TD but is then called short at the half yard line.

The Chargers self inflicted wounds continue as Dan Feeney moves early and backs the Chargers up to almost the 6 yard line.

Mike Williams then draws the pass interference penalty in the endzone giving the Chargers 1st and goal from the 1 again. 34 seconds left but no TOs left.

The Chargers gamble and and hand off to Melvin Gordon who is ruled for a TD again, but another review overturns the TD again.

It is 2nd and goal from the 2 inch line. 22 seconds left this time as there is a 10 second runoff. A soon as the ball is placed the clock will be running.

Melvin Gordon appears to be stuffed again, but there is an officiating goat rope that I wont even try to explain here.

Long story short. Melvin Gordon fumbled away the game and the Chargers lost again.