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NFL Bets - The Degenerate Gambler steels another bet

Pittsburgh drops in with their 3rd string QB. Opportunity clanging?

Well, folks, last week did not go quite as we all hoped. That is a reoccuring theme this year, it seems. Unfortunately, for down-on-their-luck friends like our own Degenerate Gambler, that is the kind of misery that extends into the pocket book.

Our intrepid anti-hero did not fare well last week, with the Chargers handing the Broncos

their first win of the year. This falls right in the face of a Gambler that not only took the Chargers to win... but took them for TWO different alt lines!

Week 5 Broncos @ Chargers

Wager 1 - Chargers Win Spread (-6.5): $ 25.00 [ -115 ] L

Wager 2 - Chargers Alt Spread (-12.5): $ 25.00 [ +185 ] L

Wager 3 - Two or more Quarters Equal Score: $ 17.00 [ +525 ] L

Wager 4 - Broncos Score Last: $ 18.00 [ +100 ] L

Wager 5 - First Turnover - Fumble: $ 15.00 [ 140 ] W $ 21.00

TOTAL LOSS: $ (64.00)

Wow. That was a bad read, friend. Better luck... next time?

Well, as fate would have it, he had enough good credit (oh really?) to secure another $100 on bets this week. This is another unusual match-up because it puts the Chargers at home (where they tend to perform worse against the spread, strangely enough) against a Steelers team that is on their 3rd quarterback, and still technically alive in a surprisingly weak AFC North.

Week 6 Steelers @ Chargers

Wager 1 - Total Points Over 41.5 : $ 20.00 [ -115 ] Possible Win: $17.39

Wager 2 - First Quarter - Pittsburgh UP : $ 15.00 [ +170 ] Possible Win: $25.50

Wager 3 - No Team Scores 3 Consecutive : $ 25.00 [ +150 ] Possible Win: $37.50

Wager 4 - Chargers 1st Half - Over 12.5 : $ 25.00 [ -115 ] Possible Win: $21.74

Wager 5 - Longest TD - Pittsburgh : $ 15.00 [ +150 ] Possible Win: $22.50


Oh, come now! Not another week of over bets!

Well, they don’t call him the Degenerate Gambler because he carefully considers every move. We’ll admit—the Steelers were surprisingly able to move the ball with their new QB Devlin Hodges. They actually seemed to improve after the rookie took over for Mason Rudolph after his scary injury. Okay, so the Steelers are good for 2 TDs and a FG.

The Chargers are an incredibly talented team that is addicted to under-performance. That said, they could very well be able to make up the deficit and get to the 41.5 over bet for the game.

It seems like a bit of a hedge that he’s willing to take Pittsburgh as winning the 1st quarter.

One note that he left me is that he was very, very tempted to take a Defensive TD being scored at [+200]. With a wet-behind-the-ears QB, that is very much a possibility.

-Jason “Either way, Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving. Or as I call it- Practice” Michaels