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Chargers officially activate Hunter Henry to active roster

It’s happening!

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

After what seems like a never-ending carousel of “maybe” and “surely now,” the Chargers have gone and done it— they’ve activated their secret weapon, TE Hunter Henry.

There were more than just rumors, but rather a full expectation that Henry would be active for the wildcard game last weekend, but come Saturday’s deadline coach Anthony Lynn felt that Henry still had a little further to go. Today, the Chargers officially added him back into the fold.

This is a very promising addition to a high-stakes Patriots showdown this coming weekend in Foxborough. While Hunter Henry wasn’t quite the ball-hogging monster that Rob Gronkowski is regarded as, he has been a very talented offensive player and should provide an additional opportunity for Philip Rivers on each play. Gronk hasn’t quite been himself this year, though he does have a history of success against the Chargers (240 yards and five touchdowns in four games). Henry’s addition could change the entire look of the Chargers already-potent offense, and he could help bolster his own impressive TE resume.

Henry started 13 of 14 games a year ago, bringing in 45 passes for 579 yards and four TDs. As a rookie in 2016, he led the Chargers with eight touchdown catches while catching 36 passes for 478 yards. His eight touchdowns makes him tied for most in the NFL by a tight end and tied for second in the NFL among all rookies.

Henry returned to practice on Monday, Dec. 17. That opened up a 21-day window in which the Chargers either had to activate Henry, or he’d be ineligible to play until next season.

Now all eyes will be on the field to see what these two Tight Ends, perhaps headed in opposite directions, can produce.

-Jason “Go ahead, make another tight end joke” Michaels