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Three Drink Minimum Podcast #14: Can we just simulate to the Super Bowl?

• Wedding face

• Blue check terrible takes

• Stopping ravens using “double eagle”

• safeties all over.

• What they did last game

• You don’t have to be bigger you just have to beat them to the spot. Defensive line has to hold their own

• Special teams

• Derwin’s tackle on Lamar to force 4th & 1. Missed Field goal.

• Rivers going down the sideline and telling the ref where the punt went out at.

• Rivers scramble.

• Lamar/Flacco.

• Ekeler going down on first to stop the clock.

• Defense.

Melvin Ingram beast mode.

• Mike Davis drop int. Was Hayward asleep on the TD?

• 39 plays 90 yards after Lamar scramble with 7 min left

• Hadn’t had a 1st down from 10 min to go in the 2nd to 8 min in the 4th.

• Then the last two drives happened. Baltimore runs a normal offense and magically start moving the ball.

• Random questions and much more.