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Senior Bowl Interview: Wisconsin OL Michael Deiter

Shot some quick questions to Wisconsin’s Michael Deiter during yesterday media session.

Wisconsin v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Yesterday, I got to meet with Wisconsin offensive linemen Michael Deiter during the first interview session here at the Senior Bowl. Deiter has been one of my prospects to watch this week as I believe his versatility is something that the Chargers will covet.

Deiter has over 12 starts at guard, tackle, and center, and has played all three positions at an elite level. Most likely a guard at the next level, Deiter would provide a wealth of experience (54 career starts) for an offensive line still trying to solidify two of its’ three interior positions.

He was extremely pleasant to talk to and couldn’t speak enough of the amazing things Wisconsin did to prepare him for his NFL future. I hope you guys enjoy!

Michael Peterson: Towards the end of the regular season, the Chargers began to realize they needed some help along the interior of the offensive line and right tackle. With at least 12 starts at tackle, guard, and center, which position do you think you played the best and which one is your favorite?

Michael Deiter: I’d say I played guard the best. That’s also my favorite because that’s where I’m most comfortable right now. But I’m equally confident that I can play center as good as I can play guard. Just need a couple days to practice it and I’ll be good.

Peterson: Are you playing mostly guard this week then?

Deiter: Yeah and I’m hoping I get to play some center.

Peterson: Anthony Lynn loves to use pulling guards and centers. Is that something you would feel comfortable with, moving out into space, latching on to smaller defenders, if you were to be drafted by the Chargers?

Deiter: Yeah we did that a lot at Wisconsin, we were pulling all the time, and that’s fun. That’s a fun part of playing offensive line, getting out and running and showing that you can move a little bit and it’s really good for an offense when you can hit big plays from guys pulling and making big blocks. It’s definitely something I’m comfortable with.

Peterson: What do you think it is that Wisconsin does differently to set them apart from the other Big Ten schools who are also known for producing great offensive line talent?

Deiter: I honestly think it’s just the way we work. It’s cliche but it’s true. We work hard and we work long hours and that’s pretty much the formula. You gotta make sure you’re strong, gotta make sure you’re big. It’s a detailed, focused work each and every day. If you’re working with that focus, you’re going to get better way faster than going in with a blank slate. It’s a formula that we stick to and there’s no derailment from that. It all comes back to a coach that holds you accountable. We have good coaches and all that good stuff.

Peterson: I heard someone ask you earlier if you’ve met with all 32 teams. Has there been anything involving the Chargers worth a note?

Deiter: I’ve met with them a little bit here. It’s been the same for pretty much every team. It’s been pretty standard. There hasn’t been a lot of extra interaction.