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Breaking: Chargers to Host Chiefs in Mexico in 2019

Chargers get a much easier International game this year

New England Patriots v Oakland Raiders Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

It was announced a few months back that the Chargers would be the “home” team for an international game for a second straight year. Many of us assumed that would mean another London game. Turns out, that was (fortunately) an incorrect assumption.

This year the Chargers will host a home game in Mexico City! That is a much better international game for the Chargers to draw. First of all, after playing in San Diego for the majority of their existence, there are quite a few Chargers fans in Mexico already. There should be plenty of Bolts jerseys and gear in the crowd when the team takes the field in Mexico City.

Second, distance wise, this is a much easier trip than London. In fact, this international game is a shorter flight than all of the Chargers away games against teams that aren’t in the AFC West this season.

This is good news for the Chargers and the fans in southern California.