Ominous Cloud Hangs over Chargers Postseason Odds

Winning 12 games and tying for the best record in your conference would typically result in some sort of reward, whether it be through a home game in the Wild Card round or a bye. That is not the case for the Chargers.

The Kansas City Chiefs owning the AFC West tiebreaker has placed the Chargers on a much more daunting postseason path.

Instead of having to win two games without hopping on a plane, the Chargers will need to become the first team ever to win three straight road games in cold-weather cities to reach the Super Bowl unless the Texans or Colts meet them in the AFC title game.

Furthermore, the 21st century has witnessed just eight 12-win Wild Card teams that did not receive a home game. All eight of those teams failed to win their conference and combined to go 5-8. The 2000 Baltimore Ravens and 2001 San Francisco 49ers do not apply as they each received a home game in the Wild Card round.

21st Century 12-win Wild Card teams with no home game

2001 Packers – 1-1
2003 Titans – 1-1
2005 Jaguars – 0-1
2008 Colts – 0-1
2010 Ravens – 1-1
2011 Steelers – 0-1
2013 49ers – 2-1
2016 Raiders – 0-1

These results have zero bearing on what occurs in January/February 2019. It just illustrates how the Chargers will need to buck the trend on two different stats that certain Wild Card teams have failed to overcome.

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