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Was this Chargers season a success?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of the day, was this Los Angeles Chargers’ season a success or not?

Richard Wade: If you look at it in the context of what we expected from the Chargers prior to the start of the season, having the best record in the AFC and winning a playoff game has to be considered a success. However, if you focus more on what could have been given the talent level of the team and just how crushing their final game of the season was, it’s hard not to see the failure to meet their potential as the story of the year. If pressed, I think I would lean more toward the former than the latter, but I am definitely conflicted. Still, I would consider this season a successful one.

Lou Gorini: This season was an absolute success because it continued to build on last years performance and showed progression instead of regression. People were high on the chargers but I’m not sure a lot of analysis had them winning 12 games this year. Also the Chargers were able to exercise some demons this year: beating Pitt and KC on the road, and advancing to the second round of the playoffs.

Michael Peterson: Yes, I believe this season was a success. They increased their win total from 9 to 13 compared to last year and beat several teams that they haven’t in some time. They broke the win-less streak against KC, avenged some losses to the Steelers and Ravens, and tied the Chiefs for the best record in the entire AFC. Even with the expected rash of injuries to this team, they exceeded expectations. I had them at 11-5 prior to the season. Rivers played some of his best ball (although he came back to earth to end the regular season). Younger players made strides in their second years and even some rookies splashed onto the scene. Even some veterans played beyond their expectations. The playoffs were a step forward. A playoff victory furthered that progress. It was their best season in a decade. I would call all of that a success.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: This year has to be be deemed a successful year. For the first time in a long time, my Sundays ended with a good night’s worth of sleep. For a few seasons there, a fan lacked hope. That’s what I gained this year. Hope. Next year can easily become another nightmare - see Jacksonville- but all indications seem to point to this team trending upward. And that means an exciting off-season and draft researching around here. I will enjoy 2018 but be looking forward to next year.

Mike Murray: If you had asked before the New England game I would have said yes, so I will stick with that answer. Yes because any 12 win season is a success. Yes because they played with swagger which is something we had not seen out of a Chargers team in a long time. Yes because they won games on the road that they were not supposed. Coaches Lynn and Bradley each had a good year. Adrian Phillips developed in to a talent. King got better. Michael Davis became a good starting CB. Derwin James exceeded expectations.

Jason Michaels: A success? This was one of the best seasons I’ve ever seen! Yes, this was a rousing success, as the team only _built_ on the concepts from last year, proving no flukes in their late-season run. They showed us that a Chargers team that actually gets the bounces and the calls can be #1 seed in a similar year. They showed us what a competent field goal kicker can add. They showed that they’re not afraid to take risks or to face their biggest foes without blinking. This team’s got grit for the first time in a long time, and that’s why I’m optimistic about the next two years.

Jamie Sewell: I think it was definitely a successful season. The team hadn’t made the playoffs since 2013, and despite being the offseason darlings and hyped as ‘under the radar’ Superbowl contenders for the prior 3 years, that had never really come to fruition. The hype was much the same this year, and there was more than enough talent to believe, but at some point you need some hard solid proof that the team is actually capable. We got that proof this year. It was a disappointing way for the season to end, but after going 12-4 and winning a road playoff game against a strong Baltimore team, the Chargers have firmly established themselves as a threat in the AFC. Rivers probably has two good years left in him. This season was about getting the window open; now they’ve got two years to try and get through it.

Daniel Stebbins: I do believe the 2018 season should be considered successful. On a basic level, the team made the playoffs for the first time since they backed in with a win over the Chiefs backups in 2013. A 12-4 record with wins on the road against the Chiefs, Steelers, Seahawks and Ravens... can’t say I would have anticipated those wins coming in to the year, especially when all but the Seahawks game occurred after December began. Deeper than that, the team appears from the outside to be closer than I’ve seen, maybe ever. The long hashtag aside, they really do appear to be fighting for each other. The mentality and tone of the team has shifted, drastically. The team is also young enough in most places to reasonably conclude they won’t be regressing drastically in the near future. The playoff experience that they gained needs to be built on and improved next season, but I feel as though this season has to be viewed as a success.

What do you think? Was this season a success? Let us know in the comments.


Was this Chargers season a success?

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