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Joey Bosa could miss multiple weeks

Earlier this week, rumors began to swirl that Joey Bosa’s pre-season injury would be more than just a mild annoyance. Even through all four exhibition games, there was still clear hope and possibly even expectation that Joey Bosa would be back to full speed by the start of the regular season.

For those uninitiated, Bosa left practice with a foot injury on August 7th this year. While he was far from the only Charger on the injury block, it was only seen as a minor inconvenience at the time. This wary optimism had stayed with fans, writers, and even team officials as far as into this week. At coach Anthony Lynn’s press meeting earlier in the week, he appeared visibly annoyed to announce that Joey Bosa was still nursing an injury to his foot. Lynn was not about to proclaim an expected date for Bosa’s return, but he also wasn’t ruling the playmaker out for this week’s game against the Chiefs.

On Friday, Coach Anthony Lynn confirmed that Bosa is officially out for Sunday’s matchup.

After digesting the earlier information, Bosa’s sidelining didn’t seem like much of a surprise. It wasn’t long before more details came spilling in. The source of his ailment, a bone bruise, appears to be the offending injury.

As Eric Williams referred, ESPN’s Adam Schefter indicates that Bosa could lose 2-4 weeks on this injury. This would be the first time in his career that Bosa has lost any complete games due to an injury, so the Chargers are hoping that he’ll bounce back quickly and strongly.

With Joey Bosa out, Isaac Rochell, the second-year defensive end out of Notre Dame, will start in his place. He’ll have quite the shoes (or should we say, boot?) to fill.

-Jason “Check out these UGH boots” Michaels