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BREAKING: Joey Bosa now in a walking boot

That is not a good sign for Sunday

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Well this isn’t good news for Sunday. Arguably the Chargers best defensive player is very likely going to miss the opener.

So here is how this developed. Joey Bosa hurt his foot early in camp and everyone was told “it isn’t a big deal.” Then he didn’t play in the 3rd preseason game when most of the starters usually play and everyone was told “if this was a regular season game Joey would be playing.” Yesterday Joey didn’t practice and Lynn said “he might not be available for the opener. But we’re hopeful.”

Now Bosa has missed a 2nd straight practice and is in a walking boot on the side of the practice field.

That sure went south fast. This definitely doesn’t look like the team trying to mess with the Chiefs’ game planning.

If the rest of the starters on defense are good to go I think the Chargers will be able to survive on Sunday. However, when your best defender isn’t on the field that’s sub-optimal. It’s also a bad look when “not a big deal” drags on for over a month and now your best defender is missing week 1.