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Anthony Lynn: Joey Bosa might be out for the season opener

The Chargers could be down one of their main men

Throughout the preseason, it has been known that DE Joey Bosa has been a benchwarmer because of issues with his foot. Although it would have been nice to see if he was truly up to speed, it wasn’t unusual to have him take the slow road back to the regular lineup.

However, Coach Anthony Lynn admitted today that Bosa is a possible scratch for the Chargers’ upcoming game against the Chiefs. During his recent press conference, Lynn looked agitated regarding the situation. He’d probably feel a lot better about the defense as a whole if one of his strongest pieces was at 100%. As things stand, it is uncertain whether or not Bosa will see action this week.

The comment can be read a number of ways- Lynn not showing his hand before going head to head with a rival team, the Chargers being cautious about promising something that might be unsure, or the coach could be honestly preparing the team, fans, and media that Joey Bosa has not fully healed from the injury that has been nagging him.

It is important to keep in mind that this has been going on for quite some time— almost an entire month.

Either way, the Chargers are a much better team with Bosa in the lineup than they are with him not suited up. Lynn is not yet pulling the plug on one of his best players on the eve of the season opener, but it is a very real possibility that Bosa, even if he does feel better, will not be quite up to speed enough for game day.

Keep watching to see how this develops. Until then, the Chargers might just be counting on a rather inexperienced Chiefs team to keep the score down.

-Jason “Whoosa the Bosa?” Michaels