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The 2018 BFTB Fantasy Football League overview

A quick rundown on how this year’s league looks, including lineup construction, team names, and more.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another year of the wildest, craziest, make-you-wanna-roll-your-eyes-from-all-the-puns fantasy football league in all the land!

If you guys remember my posts and weekly updates from last year’s league, you’ll likely recall how long and possibly painstaking those were to read. Well, I assure you they were a b**** and a half to write as well and I hope to make things a bit more streamlined for this season.

I will likely no longer write out the starting lineups, but hopefully provide screenshots to save my hands from the inevitable carpal-tunnel. In terms of recaps, I’ll likely just post the final scores, current standings/point totals, and simply mention a few things about each match-up that stood out to me.

Here’s the lineup of participants and their, depending on who you are, super clever or super lame team names:

  • Richard Wade and “Tactical Nuk”
  • Michael Peterson and “General Booty’s Navy”
  • Max Schultz and “Team Try Hard”
  • Daniel Stebbins and “Keenan The North” <—- Clever
  • Ruben Gonzalez and “Trips Right”
  • Louis Gorini and “PRIMETIME”
  • Jamie Sewell and “Hitman’s Headshots”
  • Angel and “PSI Love You”
  • Isaac Gutierrez and “#InKyzirWeTrust”
  • Cody Young and “Derwinian Evolution”
  • Aaron Woolley and “Aaron’s Team” <—-Super Lame
  • Matthew Stanley and “Matt’s Expert Team” <—- Also Super Lame

This year’s starting lineup configuration is also quite different from last year. This is still a Superflex league. Team’s are able to start 2-QBs if they wish but we did away with defense and kickers to maximize the amount of offensive firepower we can trot out there each week. The starting configuration is as follows:

  • QB
  • 3 WRs
  • 2 RBs
  • TE
  • 3 Flex slots
  • Superflex

This totals 11 players we are able to place in a starting lineup each week. More room for chaos and ingenuity.

It’s going to be an absolute blast this season. Although we are not playing for big-time cash or a super cool trophy, the ability to have bragging rights over the entire staff for a whole year is something none of us take for granted.

So won’t you join us for another year of mayhem and well-mannered s***-talking? We’d love nothing more.