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Panic at the Frisco?? Keenan Allen officially Questionable for Sunday

Reporters are still trying to get to the tooth of the matter

Jason Michaels

As the days count down toward what should be one of the most lopsided victories of the Chargers season, a key component of the Chargers’ offense isn’t looking promising for the coming match up. Maybe this won’t be the runaway that pundits had predicted.

Keenan Allen, one of the brightest members of the Chargers’ offensive rotation in 2017, has been hot and cold through three weeks this year. He recorded a TD and 108 yards in week one against the Chiefs, but only 44 yards and a lost fumble last week against the Rams. Regardless, he is certainly one of the most important members of a fairly impressive Chargers offensive team, and many fans were watching the injury roster this week to see how his knee would fare.

What most fans did not find out until today is that Allen was also fighting a nasty toothache. The situation required a dental procedure on Thursday, but appears to have been significant enough to be officially included in the injury report, according to ESPN.

Los Angeles Chargers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Allen returned to practice Friday in a limited capacity due to, as coach Anthony Lynn puts it, the team taking it easy on his knee. However, with the uncertainty of both northern and southern hemispheres on this particular wide receiver, his status is listed as Questionable for today.

Time to panic? No, not according to head coach Anthony Lynn. “I feel comfortable Keenan is going to be available,” Lynn said.

-Jason “Truth Ache” Michaels